The founder and CEO of a Christian satellite network that reaches out to refugees fleeing war-torn Syria and Iraq, is reporting that many Muslim families are turning to Christianity, where they encounter a message of peace and love. “It’s surprising just how much damage the Muslim world has done to itself due to this schism between Sunni and Shiites,” SAT-7’s Terence Ascott said, according to Mission Network News Monday. “It raises serious questions. People were really losing trust in organized religion.”

He added that ongoing attacks instigated by the Islamic State and other terror groups are only part of the long-standing conflicts in the Muslim world, along with the age-old divide between Sunnis and Shiites. “It’s quite a huge problem for Islam in general — this conflict that is going on — because it has turned people away from Islam,” Ascott said. “In the wake of that, comes Christian broadcasting with a message of peace, reconciliation, love; and we’re presenting a God who makes sense to people who turn their back on violence being done in the name of God by one faction of Islam to another.” READ MORE