(J. Lee. Grady) Isabél Contreras was the most unlikely person on earth to become a traveling preacher. Raised in a Catholic family in southern Mexico, she became an atheist at 14, explored satanism during high school and began living la vida loca—the crazy life—when she became an amateur volleyball player. She drank heavily, embraced a lesbian lifestyle and even sold her body as a same-sex prostitute during the three years she lived in Mexico City.

But all that changed when she found Jesus at age 21. No one had to tell her to stop having sex with women. “Immediately the Holy Spirit told me this was wrong,” Isabél says. After her conversion she invited 25 of her athlete friends to a dinner and announced that she was a Christian. “You are welcome to join me,” she said, after inviting them to her charismatic church. “Otherwise you can pretend you never knew me. The old Isabél is dead.” READ MORE