The Kentucky Senate has approved a bill authorizing the creation of an elective social studies course on the Bible in public schools. S.B. 278 directs the Kentucky Board of Education to “promulgate administrative regulations” for the course, which may include an elective study on the Hebrew Scriptures or the New Testament, or both. The legislation outlines that the purpose of the course is to “teach students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry, and narratives that are prerequisites to understanding contemporary society and culture, including literature, art, music, mores, oratory, and public policy.”

Sponsor Sen. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, told the Senate Education Committee on Thursday that the course will serve historical purposes as opposed to religious instruction.“What this does is to allow Bible literacy courses in the form of a social studies elective,” she said. “This bill would not have religious connotation as much as a historical connotation.” READ MORE