(Steve Strang) When I first met Kenneth Copeland in 1979 to interview him for a Charisma magazine story, his understanding of faith changed my life. Copeland believes faith is something a believer can use like a carpenter uses a tool. I’ve used that concept many times in the years since to believe God to build this media ministry, so it was good to reconnect with him at his beautiful ministry headquarters near Fort Worth, Texas.

In nearly 50 years of ministry, Copeland’s aim has been to teach the church to walk in faith—or as his website elaborates, taking people from religion to reality, from milk to the meat of God’s Word, becoming skillful in the Word of righteousness according to Hebrews 5:12-14.

In Texas, our conversation turned to the current political environment and the state of our nation. I know Copeland is concerned about America. We’ve been at some of the same leaders’ meetings with political candidates, and he’s had speakers at his conventions share about important political issues of the day. I was interested to hear what he had to say about where America stands now. This word should encourage the church. READ MORE