(Cameron Fisher) One of the Church of God’s most iconic leaders, Dr. T.L. Lowery, was memorialized by family and church leaders on Thursday, March 3, in the second of two Remembrance of Life services following his death on Feb. 21. Hundreds gathered at the North Cleveland Church of God, a church Lowery served as senior pastor from 1969 to 1974. During his tenure there, he grew and built the church into one of the most dynamic congregations of its time. A first service was held earlier this week on Monday, Feb. 29, at the National Church of God in Fort Washington, Maryland.

Like North Cleveland, National was a church Lowery served as senior pastor (1981-1996), growing and building it into an influential and powerful ministry. The two services mirrored one another with many of the speakers traveling to both locations to speak on behalf of a portion of Dr. Lowery’s life. The church choirs performed at both locations, as did spiritual daughter Judy Jacobs Tuttle. Rev. Steve Brock also sang songs of worship and celebration at both locations. George Henderson, a representative from the National Church’s Pastor’s Council, greeted both services. READ MORE