As Cuba transitions to a new relationship with the United States, Americans have a renewed interest in learning how the church there has fared for the last 50 plus years. The short answer is: amazingly well. In fact, many believe the hardships and suffering have paved the way for an explosion of church planting. On a typical Sunday morning in Cuba, you can find churches across the island overflowing with worshippers. Many meet in homes and others meet in churches that look more North American but operate in a political climate that is very different.

Space is the biggest challenge for many churches. Under current government rules they typically cannot buy land or expand. One church CBN News visited responded to the rules by building several stories up. Others cram into homes and multiply when they become too big. Pastor “Miguel” leads a church that used to meet in an apartment but now meets in the yard next to his apartment building. “When you have 80 to 100 people [meeting] in an apartment it’s hard, very hard,” he told CBN News. “And neighbors get upset.” READ MORE