Hawa* grew up in a wealthy Muslim family in the Horn of Africa. Her parents had great plans for her. They wanted to send her to an Arab country for spiritual instruction. She was also engaged to a Muslim man who lives in America. However, everything was put on hold when she became very ill.

While in hospital, she had a life-changing spiritual experience. “I had a dream [in which] I saw a man who was smiling and crying at the same time. I somehow knew He was weeping for me.” None of her family could explain the dream. However, her mosque leader, who was a secret follower of Christ, told her it was about the Messiah and he gave her a Bible. “I read the Bible continually, and little by little, I learned about the love of Jesus for all men. It changed me from the inside.”

Hawa kept her faith a secret, but one day, her family discovered her Bible. Her father was furious and beat her and later chased her away. “You are dead to us!” Her fiancé also broke off the engagement. Hawa was sad, but says, “The love of Christ was of more value to me than the love of my family.” READ MORE