(Jennifer Leclaire) When Bobby Brown tells the story of how the Cornfield Revival started, it stirs memories of America’s great tent preachers. Brown doesn’t pretend to be A.A. Allen or Oral Roberts, but he has a heart for revival and the supernatural—and God saw that when He called Brown to set up a tent in a cornfield.

“In prayer one morning, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw a tent in this lady’s front yard. I called the lady and told her the vision,” says Brown, leader of the Revival Center in Columbia, Kentucky. “She told me obviously the tent could not go in her front yard but I was welcome to put the tent in the field in her backyard and do a three-day revival. It was literally in the middle of a cornfield.”

That was the birth of the Cornfield Revival. And it turns out three days wasn’t enough—so it just kept going. Local churches started shutting down their Sunday night and Wednesday night services to join the revival meetings. It was cross-denominational, with Nazarenes, Baptists, Methodists, Amish and, of course, Pentecostals all worshipping Jesus under the tent. READ MORE