(Dr. Michael Brown) As I write these words, I am literally on my knees, praying as I write. I am more burdened than angry, more broken than frustrated. How can we be so foolish?

I am an unashamed Pentecostal/charismatic believer, a lifelong tongues speaker (since Jan. 24, 1972), one of the four principle leaders who served in the Brownsville Revival, the author of an in-depth, scholarly treatment of divine healing, the man who wrote Authentic Fire in response to Pastor John MacArthur’s Strange Fire.

I am an insider, not an outsider, and for me, the Bible is a charismatic book from cover to cover, undeniably so. In fact, from 1977 to early 1982, during a season of spiritual coldness and intellectual pride, I tried to deny the things of the Spirit, wanting to distance myself from what I felt were the abuses and errors of the Pentecostal movement. But the testimony of the Word was too clear for me to deny and the Spirit’s work in my life too strong for me to resist. Yet I am terribly ashamed of our folly, our gullibility, our lack of discernment, our failure to test all things by the Word, our carnality and our openness to being duped, deceived and defrauded. READ MORE