A state lawmaker in North Carolina is warning that the city of Charlotte has blown privacy to “smithereens” and the speaker of the state House says there’s support for a special legislative session to correct that. The fight is over the recent vote by council members in Charlotte, where the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is headquartered, that will allow “people to use the bathroom of their choice.”

The issue has played out in several other major venues across the U.S., most recently in Houston, where voters rejected out of hand a lesbian mayor’s imposition of the same transgender protection plan. Charlotte’s adoption of the idea even drew the wrath of renowned Christian leader Franklin Graham, chief of Samaritan’s Purse and the BGEA. “It’s not over though,” he reported on his Facebook page. “North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory has been clear that this is a bad policy and said if the city passed it, immediate legislative action would likely be taken by the state.” READ MORE