(Jennifer Leclaire) Here we go again. Somebody else is insisting God is a woman. This time, it’s a Grammy Award-winning gospel artist. CeeLo Green, who’s currently on a “The Love Train Tour” to celebrate his new album, is arguing that Jesus is a girl. “God is a woman. Although this idea’s untraditional, I think God is a woman, making each one of her children original,” CeeLo Green sings in a new song called God Is a Woman.

“I stare at the sky until the stars start to fall; if there’s a God at all, it’s a woman.” Wait, what? Green, the son of two ordained ministers who launched his music career in church, released his song on International Woman’s Day on March 8. That’s a good publicity stunt, I suppose, but his song defies his upbringing. “God’s still a woman. Although her human condition’s contradictory, God’s still a woman,” the song continues. “She has made everything, including history. So exalt her high above you. Beyond the brightest star. She’ll be everywhere you are, are. She’s your mother.” READ MORE