A recent story from the United Kingdom is raising questions about the belief in evil spirits and their activities. According to the Mirror, The Kingdom Church in south London was fined for holding loud prayer services in the middle of the night. Bishop Climate Irungu explained the services are necessary because “that’s when demons are active.” He’s received a lot of hate mail from people who mock him for those beliefs.

Jahan Berns is an attorney who says demonic activity is all too real. She knows because she’s lived through it and was delivered by Jesus Christ. “It was such a terrible feeling to wake up in a sweat, very afraid, very traumatized, and it messed up my mind to the point that I could not really focus in school,” Berns said. “And I had very poor grades, and I was always very sick. So yes, demons are very real, and they oppress people,” she said. FULL STORY