Flights to and from Belgium are impacted and security measures have been heightened due to terror attacks in Brussels that killed more than 26 people and injured at least 130. Explosions went off inside the Brussels Airport, as well as a metro stop downtown, putting major cities around the world on high alert. Officers with AR-15 rifles were seen Tuesday morning at DFW International Airport. K-9 units were also seen sniffing trash cans and ticket counters. Officials say they’re “vigilant” after the attacks in Europe.

The Dallas Aviation Department said Tuesday that it’s communicating with Homeland Security and monitoring the situation in Belgium. The department says it will most likely meet with fire departments, police departments, and TSA to determine if extra security measures are needed. American Airlines Flight 751 from Brussels to Philadelphia was canceled Tuesday. Flight 750 from Philadelphia to Brussels isn’t scheduled, the airline said. Customers with flights to or from Brussels can go here or call +1-800-679-8215. READ MORE