(Linda Godsey) Can you think of a trait in your family of origin you dislike? Or, on the flipside, are there characteristics you really appreciate about your family? Chances are, you can identify both good and bad qualities in your family line. Most families have traits to be admired and desired along with some we would like to sweep under the rug, never to be remembered again. A woman came to meet with me some time ago. As she sat down, I asked her the usual question: “What brings you here today?”

She replied, “Have you ever seen the TV series Everybody Loves Raymond? Well, that is my family—total dysfunction!” We had a good laugh, but as she told me her story, I realized she was telling the truth. Occasionally someone will say to me, “I can’t think of a single good trait in my family.” Still others insist, “My family was a Leave It to Beaver family, and I can’t think of anything I would want to change.” Most of the time, neither extreme is true. No family is perfect, and very few are deficient in every single area. READ MORE