(Ryan Lestrange) Recently I had a major encounter with the spirit of witchcraft attempting to bring domination and control. As I was pondering on the situation and seeking peace and clarity I was reminded of the attack that Jezebel released upon Elijah to back him into a cave and shut his voice down. 1 Kings 19:9- And there he went into a cave, and spent the night in that place; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”

This is the motive of the enemy concerning prophetic people. He wants to overwhelm the mind, attack the senses and mute the prophetic voice. Prophetic words are like mighty arrows slicing through demonic strongholds. One of the primary things that in tune prophetic ministry does is bring clarity and exposure. A developed prophetic anointing reveals the hidden demonic ploys and empowers successful spiritual warfare. The enemy hates this operation and fights it fervently.

Signs of a witchcraft attack:
Accusations—this can come in the form of word curses, thoughts, things written to you and about you.
Intimidation- witchcraft is a fight to overcome your will. It wants to back you down and overwhelm you in order to get you to submit to a demonic order.

Confusion– a witchcraft attack will carry a strong spirit of confusion. Your mind seems clouded, unusually hazy.

Manipulation– witchcraft is all about overcoming someone’s will and dominating them. The devil dominates when people allow. This spirit is like a slimy snake bending and twisting details, distorting truth-words and details, speaking with a forked tongue, doing anything and everything to secure the will of the enemy.

Physical symptoms– when these curses are released it’s not unusual for a prophetic person to “feel” it in their body.
Condemnation- a general sign of a spiritual attack is heaviness. This type of attack will bring ungodly accusation and condemnation. It is sent make you spiritually ineffective.

Victory Keys- Discern the attack! God has given us sys to see and ears to hear. When you feel that condemnation and manipulation in the words being released over you then you know what it is. You have seen and identified it. This is the first step to victory.

Break the attack- you may have to tell a person or people involved that they are operating in a wrong spirit. This will generally bring a strong reaction because you have just called the spirit out. Break the attack in the place of prayer—resist it (James 4:7). Tell that spirit no!!!! Use faith & authority. Your words undo the words of the enemy as you align with God’s word and stand under the blessing.

Worship and renew—get in the presence of Jesus! No attack endures His goodness—let your hear be bathed in Him. Also renew your mind. A witchcraft attack engages in high-level warfare. Get in the word and let it wash over you. Let rivers of peace flow.