(Taylor Berglund) On Thursday, Billy Graham used a column in the Kansas City Star to encourage believers about their faith and exhort them to resist despondency. Graham was responding to a reader named “A.L.,” who explained that her husband was ignoring and even belittling her Christian faith. She wondered if he had any suggestions for her situation.

Graham responded, “God knows all about your situation, and ultimately your husband’s argument is not with you but with God. When we put our faith in Christ, he adopts us into his family, and nothing will ever change his love for us, even the mockery of those who think we’re foolish for believing in Christ. Remember too that people often did their best to embarrass Jesus and tear him down, but they didn’t succeed, nor should they with you.” He also referenced Ephesians 4:32 and added, “Often our strongest witness for Christ comes not from what we say, but by the life we live.” READ MORE