(Dr. Michael Brown) For more than a decade, I’ve been warning that those who came out of the closet—meaning, gay activists—want to put conservative Christians in the closet. I’ve been saying that, in the LGBT activist lexicon, “tolerance” means the intolerance of all views but their own, “diversity” means their way or the highway, and “inclusive” means the exclusion of all opposing opinions and values.

Day by day, we are watching all this unfold before our eyes. In the U.K., Pink News reports that, “Scotland is training a small army of LGBT-friendly police officers to stamp out hate crime.”

This “small army” has been tasked with encouraging victims of “hate crimes” to report those crimes to the police, since such crimes are allegedly under-reported. The problem is that, in the U.K., preachers simply reading the Scriptures on a street corner have been charged with LGBT “hate crimes.” READ MORE