(Ryan Lestrange) 2 Cor. 10:13 – But we will not boast beyond measure, but within the boundaries which God has appointed us, which reach even you.

The word measure here is the greek word metron. It means a set portion, a sphere, a measuring instrument. Every calling has a divine jurisdiction. Apostles and Prophets are called to do particular things in particular places with particular people. There are divine borders upon their assignments. There is a measure of kingly rule placed upon them. This is one of the key revelations that will avoid much confusion. There is a grace upon every ministry gift and assignment for a specific jurisdiction.

For example: there are Apostles sent to realms of society and with that sending there is a divine ability to build, govern and guide within that jurisdiction. I am fully convinced that there are those with a marketplace anointing that will function completely different than those with a media anointing. There are those sent to a certain people group or nation. There are Apostles sent to regions and they have a strong grace and favor for that region. There boundaries are not spiritual or societal but regional. Then there are apostles sent to nations. They function with a global mandate and do not have a fixed or stationary pulpit but enjoy an international mantle. There is a traveling grace upon them to father nations and release explosive power.

The same is true for prophets. There are prophets who have a jurisdiction to be the “house prophet” in a particular ministry. Their primary function is to speak into that ministry and please revelation that is regional. This is a very different mandate from an international prophet who deals with destinies of nations. Both are vital but each has a different perspective. A prophet who is mantled for nations will release the word of The Lord over nations and rulers. They have an international jurisdiction that demands elevated prophetic function. The reality is that we need to know what God is saying globaly, regionally and personally. The key is to recognize the various borders of our assignments and glean from others who have a different jurisdiction without passing beyond the borders of our personal mandate. This avoids much trouble and confusion that may arise when a person moves beyond the grace on their assignment.

Within each jurisdiction are four vital components:
1.Grace – divine ability that flows with ease (also unmerited favor). There is supernatural function in the juridisction. It is not a struggle to function where God has ordained you.
2. Authority- there is a legal realm of authority that is given by God to execute kingdom plans. There is not only divine ability but divine authority.
3. Anointing- supernatural power! Each assignment and jurisdiction carries the dunamis power of God to break walls down and get the job done! Sticking inside of your jurisdiction will bring long term fruit and divine breakthrough. You are anointed–empowered and supernaturally charged for the assignment! When you move beyond your jurisdiction you will move beyond the power.
4. Influence- God grants open doors and kingdom promotion. He provides a mantle of influence and favor to fulfill the assignment. Your gift makes room for you (Prov. 18:6).