The city of Pacifica is dealing with more problems along its coastline, possibly because of El Nino. Yet another sinkhole has opened up along Beach Boulevard. A snapshot shows the depression in the sidewalk of the Beach Boulevard Promenade that was reported to the city’s Department of Public Works on Saturday afternoon. It was first thought to be 4 feet by 6 feet, but when crews opened it up, they found that the erosion underneath was much larger than that.

It was 14 feet by 10 feet, and 8 feet deep, according to Van Ocampo from the public works department. The sinkhole is located right in front of the Pacifica Pier. The hole has now been filled in and patched over. This is the third sinkhole the city has had to deal with. There were two more at Beach and Paloma that opened up within days of each other in February. And back in January, there was a breach of the seawall that had to be repaired. READ MORE