Twenty-eight percent of US citizens plan on moving to another country if Donald Trump is elected president in November, a new poll reveals. However, as data on previous mass exodus threats show, it’s unlikely many of them will follow through. Every fourth person from almost 2,000 registered voters questioned in the Morning Consult/Vox poll conducted March 10-13, said they would “likely” consider leaving the US for good for a “country, such as Canada” if the flamboyant Republican candidate were to be sworn into office at the White House.

Fifteen percent of those who are contemplating the radical way out, fearing imminent changes for the worse under a Trump presidency, report that they are “very likely” to relocate to another country. Following Super Tuesday’s tremendous success in early March, when Trump beat Texas Senator Ted Cruz by claiming seven states compared to three from his next-closest challenger, searches on Google for ‘how can I move to Canada’ had spiked 350 percent, according to Simon Rogers, the company’s data editor. READ MORE