Francis Chan gave a passionate plea to Liberty University students at Convocation on Friday, calling them to embrace suffering as a tool for purification in their personal lives and a means to know Christ by relating to His experience as a man. Chan was introduced by Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser as an author whose words have had “an incredible impact on the lives of this generation.” Popular titles by Chan include Crazy Love and Forgotten God. Chan is also a well-known pastor and church planter. He spoke at Liberty for the first time in 2011.

In his message, Chan talked of the love of God, but through a less conventional lens—suffering. Focusing on 1 Peter 4, Chan explored the author’s call for believers to “arm themselves” with the same mindset that Christ had—one of suffering in the flesh. “When you have the mentality of, ‘Christ suffered; I’m going to suffer,'” Chan said, “then, when the suffering comes, it doesn’t hurt you; it doesn’t confuse you, like before.” He explained that Jesus set an example for living a life of fulfillment, even as He was rejected. FULL REPORT