(Jim Rawlings) The year was 1736. The Industrial Revolution was in its infancy, and thousands of England’s poor were moving into London to seek a better life in the factories of the city. As a result slums were forming all over London as the poor congregated within the city. England had become a nation of drunkenness, despair and moral decay. One in every six houses in London was a “grog shop.” The grog shops were private homes that operated as unlicensed taverns. The grog houses were known for watering down the ale.

The watered-down ale was called “grog.” John Wesley saw the condition of his beloved England and set out with a vision of awakening and transformation that would bring England out of the decay and debauchery. In the midst of all the chaos, God birthed an awakening that transformed England and America socially, economically and spiritually at the same time. READ MORE