Some West Island residents were captivated and creeped out by an eerie trumpeting sound that seemed to come from the sky Sunday. No one knows what caused the sound. Early theories suggested people in Dollard des Ormeaux were hearing echoes of a Pointe-à-Callières Port Symphony. But those events happen at 2 p.m., and the sky trumpets were reported during the evening. Would sound have carried that far anyway?

It’s about 25 kilometres from the Old Port to D.D.O., and sound travels at Mach 1, so … we don’t know. Other atmospheric conditions would have to be factored in. The Montreal Gazette asked a spokesperson at Environment Canada whether there any been any unusual meteorologic conditions Sunday night. “Not that we’re aware of. There were no reports of anything in the Montreal area.” Witnesses to the sound say there was little to no wind at the time. READ MORE