(Ryan Lestrange) Long before you actually live out a divine shift, God will release a vision of the shift in your spirit. You will walk through a season of birthing before you come into the fulness of His promise. It is during this time of carrying a promise that you will be tested. You will be tested by impatience—wondering why isn’t it coming now. The enemy will try to get you into murmuring and releasing word curses over your own life in an effort to abort the promise. Impatience opens the door for frustration and frustrated people typically make bad decisions and wrong turns.

The Lord build a prophetic paradigm in your life by showing you bits and pieces of what is to come. You must be responsible for carrying those visions/leadings/promises and allowing The Father to prepare you for fulfillment. There are so many people who never enter into fulfillment because they rush or abort the preparation process. Every dream begins as a seed. There are seasons of testing, questioning, wondering.

It is during these seasons that we must maintain a strong prayer life—digging deep in the spirit and stirring ourselves up—refusing to bow or bend under the pressures of the enemy or our own natural mind. We take the prophetic promises and make war with them! We declare what heaven has already said and we follow the small promptings of Holy Spirit as He nurtures us and refines us so that we can step into all that The Father has planned!

The shift will come in DUE TIME if you stay on the path! Don’t give up. Don’t try to move out ahead. Navigate the season of the waiting. There are lessons in this season. Birthing is painful but well worth it when the divine shift unfolds and you move onto another level.

Ps. 27:14- Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.