Church leaders from across the U.K. have condemned a “Christian values” march in Bedfordshire town by a far-right group that handed out anti-Islamic pamphlets. Catholic Herald reported that the group, called Britain First, marched through the town carrying crosses with the aim to defend “Christian values,” with former British National Party Councillor Paul Golding describing its mission as to maintain “British national sovereignty, independence and freedom.”

The “Christian Patrol” march apparently went through what the group labeled an “Islamist hotspot,” with members of Britain First handing out leaflets and arguing with local Muslims. Several different churches have spoken out against the group, however, claiming that it does not represent Christianity in Britain. “Let’s get this straight. Britain First do not speak for Christians. Their message of hate is entirely at odds with the Christian faith,” a spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance said, according to the Huffington Post. FULL REPORT