When Donald Trump started critiquing Ted Cruz’s debate answer on waterboarding at his final large rally ahead of the primary, one audience member shouted out “He’s a p#$$y!” which Trump repeated, and then mock reprimanded her for. It all started when Trump recounted that earlier in the campaign, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton were criticizing his tone. “They’re chopping people’s heads off in the Middle East,” Trump said.

“If you’re Christian, the head comes off. If you’re not Christian, the head comes off. We haven’t seen stuff like this since Medieval times. And people are worried about my tone?”He said, “You heard the other night that they asked Ted Cruz, a serious question, well what do you think of waterboarding, is it okay? And honestly, I thought he’d say ‘absolutely!’ And he said, ‘Well …’ — he was concerned about the answer, because some people… ” READ MORE