There’s a warning that extreme temperatures are causing fish to die in their thousands from heat stress, with thousands washing up on beaches in several countries across the Pacific. Photos of dead fish have been shared on social media in Fiji and Vanuatu in recent days. Meanwhile this week fish have been washing up dead in their thousands on the coast of New Calidonia. Particularly warm temperatures marked this weekend and early this week on the islands. Added to this is the lack of wind. According several maximum temperature records were broken.

This Sunday, February 7, temperatures around 31 ° C exceeded the islands to the coast of Grande-Terre, ranging from 31.6 ° C to 35.8 ° C and Hienghène airport Tontouta. The government has also triggered Monday night a level 2 warning of “Strong heat.” The current climate does not spare our bodies especially the most vulnerable: the elderly, children, infants. Therefore, the idea of an impact on the aquatic environment is not ruled out. The fish may die due to lack of oxygen caused by the water temperature to rise. And a few drops of rain in the last 24 hours are nothing. READ MORE