There is a mystery that has everyone in the picturesque town of Forest Grove, Oregon, baffled – a horrible and intense sound is coming from out of nowhere. For the last two weeks, residents have been on edge because they don’t known what the ear-splitting noise is or where it’s coming from. Police Captain Mike Herb said he has received email theories from all over the world, adding:

“We’re taking it seriously and just don’t know what it is.” But it turns out; it is just the latest incident in a world-wide phenomenon of unexplained sounds that have scientists scratching their heads. A spooky sound terrified a town in British Columbia in 2015, a mysterious sound was heard in Finland in 2012 and a piercing high-pitched sound was recorded in Michigan in 2013. As for the strange sound in Oregon, acoustic engineer Tobin Cooley analyzed it for INSIDE EDITION. READ MORE