(Perry Stone) A recent survey revealed that almost 50% of American’s would vote in a Socialists President. The bottom line is Socialism takes from those who have, by legal force, and give is to those they chose to give it to. Someone else works and they are taxed heavily and the money given away. America’s system operates on the same concept as Imperial Rome and the more a politician promises the masses of free stuff the more votes he (or she) will receive. That sounds good to over 74% of college age youth in America who want a Socialist elected in 2016. One Problem. Rome already tried this during their Imperial Empire and it eventually collapsed the Empire in the West.

People figured they could free get food and money from the government “Dole,” without working for it. So many Roman citizens quit jobs to receive government handouts, that eventually a law was passed if you had a job you must not quit, as there must be someone working to get the tax money from! Eventually Roman opened its borders and ten German tribes flood Italy, and took over what was left of the Empire (This is happening in Europe right now). I have studied this for 10 years, documenting it in Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue. We are on a collision course with the ghost of ancient Rome and the patterns of Rome are being reflected in events right now! Just another indicator of the final kingdom of prophecy being forged in the earth.