US Officials have warned Moscow to “be fully aware” that selling fighter jets to Iran would violate a UN arms ban, as global tensions escalate to near Cold War levels. Iran’s defence minister General Hossein Dehghan confirmed he would sign a contract with Russia to buy the Sukhoi Su-30SM fighter jets as sanctions set up in the wake of the nation’s nuclear deal with the West start to loosen. But US officials have said they will raise the matter with Russia, sparking yet another potential dead-lock between the two international superpowers.

The Obama administration issued an official statement to remind Russia that, after the Iran nuclear deal, Moscow are forbidden from selling the fighter jets to the Shiite Muslim nation as it fights proxy wars in the powder keg of the Middle East. However Russia could be able to send the Sukhoi jets on to Iran, who are also fighting on their own turf against sick jihadi group ISIS, if they receive UN approval. The consent must be given “in advance on a case-by-case basis.” General Dehghan did not specify how many fighter planes Iran will buy, or give a timeline for the signing of the deal. READ MORE