There is no one on the planet about whom Conor McGregor won’t talk trash, and in December, the UFC fighter proved that those inhabiting the heavens above wouldn’t be spared, either. When asked by TMZ Sports how he would fare in the Octagon against Jesus, McGregor responded, “I’d still whoop his a–.” Naturally, that was a lighthearted exchange, and the Irishman offered another joking comment in January, when he said, “Me and Jesus are cool. I’m cool with all the gods. Gods recognize gods.”

All part of McGregor’s over-the-top bravado, right? Well, not everyone is laughing. His upcoming opponent at UFC 197 in April, Rafael dos Anjos, said at that same event in January that McGregor “will feel what a single tool in Jesus’ hand can do with him.” Now a Texas pastor is taking that sort of rhetoric much further. Donnie Romero of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth recently said of McGregor, “I’m going to pray that God strikes this guy dead.” FULL REPORT