A grandmother and owner of a small-town flower shop who refused to create arrangements for a same-sex wedding is continuing to defend her livelihood against an attack by the ACLU and the state of Washington. Attorneys representing 70-year-old Barronelle Stutzman filed a 78-page legal brief Friday with the Washington Supreme Court that answers arguments and allegations by the ACLU and the state. The two plaintiffs sued Stutzman, owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, for acting in accordance with her faith by not providing flowers for a same-sex wedding last year.

ADF attorneys asked the state high court to take up the case last June after a lower court ruled that Stutzman must pay penalties and attorney fees for declining to use her artistic abilities to design floral arrangements for a same-sex ceremony. Rather than participate in the ceremony, Stutzman referred the customer, whom she considers a friend and had served for nearly 10 years, to other florists in the area who would provide quality arrangements and wedding support. READ MORE