Sink holes opened up in an east Christchurch street as it was smacked by Sunday’s 5.7 magnitude earthquake. Bower Ave, in Parklands, was due to be resealed on Monday. Residents now face several more months waiting for repairs after the ground opened up. Authorities fenced and coned off the the largest of the sinkholes, which was about 3 metres long and a metre deep.

A Bower St resident, who only wanted to be known as Melanie, said: “The hole was bubbling when I left for work… A digger arrived about 40 minutes after the earthquake to clear the road. “Once the water went down, the holes became a lot clearer.” Her husband helped to direct traffic away from the liquefaction and holes. “We’ve been waiting five years for it to be fixed so what’s another couple of months? “I just feel sorry for the guys who had fixed up most of the road around here and now they have to come back again because it’s all stuffed up.” READ MORE