(Perry Noble) This is an article of clarification, not one for argumentation. I am simply, as the pastor, answering a sincere question we occasionally receive. If, after reading, you do not have the same conclusion as me on this issue then I am perfectly fine with that, and hope you will be as well. As Augustine once said, ““In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” I do not have a problem with women preaching the Gospel because Jesus did not have a problem with them doing so. It was women that were first commissioned by Jesus to preach that He was alive after His resurrection.

When the Holy Spirit fell on the believers in Acts 2:1-4, Scripture clearly says He filled everyone in the room, and they all began to declare the Gospel. If your blood is beginning to boil and you are screaming, “What about what Paul said?” I would ask you the same thing. If we take the totality of everything Paul said in all of his letters, and then also look at the fact that he mentioned women and their actions/behavior in the church—we would find that he speaks about the issue five times (at the most, depending upon interpretation). CONTINUE