About 40 Starlings were found dead on a street and in a neighborhood in West Wichita on Wednesday. “It’s kind of weird,” said Seth Dugan, who works nearby. The birds were found dead on Carr Avenue, south of Kellogg and Maize Road. “Completely clear and then come back out 20 minutes later and there was a ton of birds laying out here and people were stopping and taking pictures on their cell phones,” said Dugan.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Wichita Fire Department responded to the scene and gathered the dead birds. The Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism also responded and investigated the cause of death. Wildlife Biologist Charlie Cope has ruled out poison and guns as the cause of death. “Occasionally, a couple may come in contact with electrical line,” said Cope. “Those birds being in contact and getting electrocuted, that would be my best guess based on years of doing this.” FULL REPORT