School children have been given 25 options to choose from—including “tri-gender” and “demi-boy”—in a gender survey which has been described as bizarre and misleading. Teenagers in Brighton were given the survey, which was produced by the Government-sponsored Children’s Commissioner for England. The pupils were told they could choose “as many as they wanted” from a variety of responses alongside “girl,” “boy,” “female” and “male.”

The Christian Institute responded by saying that giving equal weight to the new terms and traditional language was “totally misleading.” A columnist in a Brighton newspaper said schools were “unnecessarily making all teenagers question their basic identity.” And a Daily Mail editorial described the questions as “frankly bizarre,” adding that the survey could prompt “uncertainty and distress in the minds of all-too-vulnerable adolescents.” Following newspaper inquiries, the survey was withdrawn. A spokesman at the Children’s Commissioner’s office said that future versions of the survey will not include the controversial question. FULL REPORT