Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, a water expert and faculty member of Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal University, has announced the shocking news that the country’s groundwater will run out in 13 years. “Official estimates have been disclosed showing an acute drop in water levels in agricultural areas,” he says, “and that indicates the seriousness of the situation.” As such, he’s worried about what looks like an inevitable threat to key crops, including fruits and wheat.

Because these crops require large quantities of water, and Saudi Arabia relies on groundwater for 98 percent of its total water sources (the remaining water comes from desalination plants), it’s understandable that the situation will likely produce dire consequences.(1) As such, Al-Ghamdi is urging groundwater renewal efforts, while Prince Faisal bin Bandar, governor of Riyadh, is strongly advising water conservation efforts. Sound familiar? READ MORE