If Jesus is not the only way to God, then His death was a horrible mistake, says pastor Robert Jeffress. The truth of John 14:6 is the foundation of the megachurch pastor’s latest book, Not All Roads Lead to Heaven. Jeffress told Charisma News that American society today confuses absolute truth with relative truth. Many assume a right relationship with God is merely relative truth based on a personal belief system, but if all roads lead to Heaven, Jesus suffered brutally for nothing.

“I believe with the increasing emphasis on pluralism in our country especially, those who teach the exclusivity of Christ are labeled as hate-mongerers and intolerant, and to tell Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists is seen as height of intolerance,” Jeffress. “But this message that there is one way to God, is not a message of hate, it’s a message of hope. When Jesus said ‘follow me’ as the only way to Heaven, it wasn’t to keep people out of Heaven but to invite them in.” Recently, former Wheaton professor Larycia Hawkins proclaimed Muslims and Christians served the same God, a claim that resulted in the professor and institution parting ways. READ MORE