Some of the most violent Muslims are trying to bring their messiah into the world, popular Pastor Michael Youssef details in a new book. But in the pages of The End Times & the Secret of the Mahdi, Youssef suggests the shocking surprise is that this figure will turn out to be the evil Antichrist described in the Bible. Over the centuries, people have guessed incorrectly again and again that the Antichrist — that ultra-violent world dictator — was soon to appear.

But Youssef, head of the global outreach ministry Leading the Way and founder of Atlanta’s Church of the Apostles, believes only now are conditions set for the coming of that evil one. His book details how what’s going on in the world right now is leading straight toward those events prophesied in the Book of Revelation and elsewhere in the Bible. “I came to the conclusion that we are coming into the period of time like we have never seen before in history,” Youssef told CBN News in an exclusive interview. READ MORE