After Kirk Franklin was “crucified” for his support for Kanye West’s “profanity-filled gospel album,” Christian rapper Andy Mineo wants to know if it’s acceptable for Christians to use expletives. Mineo asked his Twitter followers, “Do you guys really think if a person uses ‘profanity’ (words we’ve given meaning) in their music they couldn’t possibly b Christian? Why?” Mineo, who is known for songs like “You Can’t Stop Me,” “Death of Me,” “Man Up Anthem” and more, got plenty of responses online.

One fan tweeted back: “@AndyMineo well the tongue is “full of poison”. Let me ask this, if a preacher uses profanity on the stage what would that look like?” The same fan then asked: “@AndyMineo but how can the intention be good when the meaning of profanity is what it is?” Mineo maintains that it’s not necessarily the English definition of profanity Christians tend to avoid that makes them set apart, according to the Bible. Mineo tweeted: “@Shel_TheAnomaly your making being “set apart” synonymous with not using certain words. Who told u that was what it meant 2 b set apart?” READ MORE