(Perry Stone) As you may know one of the Supreme Courts most conservative, Constitutional Judges was found dead at his ranch.. First report was a heart attack. Now evidence has come forward that he was found with a pillow over his face. The judge was at his ranch and had refused extra security detail. Many have asked for a autopsy but a local judged turned it down. This will create suspicions that this was not a “natural death.” The President has planned to put in the most extreme liberal he can find before he leaves his term in 2016. Should this occur, the freedoms we take for granted will be in jeopardy including the “right to bear arms.”

My concern is my children will eventually be living in a Russian type of Socialist nations in a few years and not in the America me and their mom and I grew up in. However, some voters only have themselves to blame as we keep electing people who want to “Fundamentally change America,” and are doing it without restraint, and now a confessed Socialist-Communist type is now running for President with the majority of youth supporting him. I suggest shipping these youth to Russia or perhaps China to see how many people want to leave these “Socialists” counties instead of living under government control, restrictions, persecutions and poverty.