Pastors will bridge denominational and racial lines to seek a solution to a recent Dallas ordinance that allows men who identify as women to use the women’s restrooms. “This threat of personal safety and privacy against women will also criminalize Christian business owners is the same threat we’re trying to address,” The Pastors’ Council Dave Welch says. Welch is part of a pastors group set to meet behind closed doors on Feb. 9 to discuss how to fight the ordinance.

The U.S. Pastors’ Council is the same group who fought the Houston Bathroom Bill last year. What makes the group special, though, is how they move beyond denominational lines to fight for biblical standards. “The primary reasons, benefits of pastors getting involved on these issues and leading the efforts—in particular because they are interdominational and interracial—keeps our effort anchored to Great Commission,” Welch says. “(We are) Christ-centered, biblically grounded, spiritually led and accountable to one another and to our call. This is not political action.” FULL REPORT