Dozens of African American “pastors” from across the nation recently gathered at a private event for pro-abortion, homosexual “marriage” advocate Hillary Clinton, and laid hands on her to “decree and declare the favor of the Lord” on her for the presidency. “Until He comes again, Secretary Clinton and President-to-be Clinton, we decree and declare from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet that the favor of the Lord will surround you like a shield, in Jesus’ name,” the clergy said, repeating after Kirbyjon Caldwell, who leads Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston.

Clinton had traveled to Philadelphia last Wednesday for two events, one a fundraiser at Franklin Square Capital Partners in South Philadelphia, and the other a meeting with the ministers at Mother Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. An estimated 100 black clergy had been invited to attend the event with the Democratic candidate, but half of those invited were present. FULL REPORT