(Cicely Gosier) When terrorism analyst Erick Stakelbeck first got his start, he soon realized sharing his expertise without a scare would be no easy task. “I would lay out all these facts and say, ‘OK, have a nice day,’ and people are hiding under their chairs,” he joked, referring to the heavy but necessary message of the threat of terrorism. “But as I’ve grown, and God has continued to refine me, I know there’s a blessed hope, and I try and impress that on people.”

Stakelbeck, who reports for the Christian Broadcasting Network, is widely known for his knowledge on the Middle East and national security issues. Through his show The Watchman and latest book ISIS Exposed, his call now is to uncover threats like ISIS while staying true to the charge of evangelism that all believers have. “Billy Graham is one of my heroes and Franklin is too,” Stakelbeck said. “I never cease to be amazed by Billy’s boldness and Franklin’s boldness to preach the gospel.” FULL REPORT