Throughout history, religious leaders and so-called prophets have warned that the mark of the beast is imminent, that a time of great strife and suffering is near, that the end of the world is coming. These time-based prophesies, fervently believed in, can become self-fulfilling prophesies. The masses, with their hearts sincerely drawn to these apocalyptic beliefs, create the conditions in their lives for these circumstances to manifest. Today, wide scale suffering and death is manifesting through the synthetic, pharmaceutical, slash-burn, immune system-suppressing medical system.

If you haven’t checked out Gary Null’s book, Death by Medicine, look into it. The abuses are well documented. Or check out Pharma Death Clock. As drug companies profit in the billions, people are dying by the millions, and the abuses of this medical system can now be arrogantly branded into people as a mark – a microchip that tracks people’s health and financial information, beckoning allegiance to a system that systematically suppresses people’s ability to heal from the day they are born. Today, the case could be made that technological advances in microchips and data storage are bringing about the “mark of the beast.” In fact, new “tech tattoos” can now be embedded in a person’s skin, storing their medical and financial information on a microchip, dictating when they should go to the doctor and how often they should consume drugs. READ MORE