Disgraced Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll will return to the pulpit with the launch of Trinity Church. “We have moved to Phoenix. We love it here, healing up, making new friends and excited about this city and the future that God would have us to play in serving the people here,” Driscoll says in a video posted to his website. “Lord willing, hoping, trusting, praying, planning and also a little bit worrying about planting a church here in early 2016.”

According to the Trinity Church website, the church will be built around 13 tenets, ranging from God forming us to saving us so that He might send us. Driscoll will be the senior pastor and aided by “Wise Counsel” members and a “Governing Board,” on which he serves. “We learn from, respect, honor and seek wise counsel from the following leaders, their families, churches and ministries. We also appreciate those ministry leaders praying for and supporting our church plant,” according to the website. FULL REPORT