The city of San Diego is being charged with taking political correctness to “a whole new extreme” by banishing the phrase “Founding Fathers” from the vocabulary of city employees. “This brings it to a new level, without question,” said Brad Dacus, the chief of Pacific Justice Institute, which raised questions about the issue with the city and is challenging its censorship. “When you can’t utter the phrase ‘Founding Fathers’ without possibly losing your job and you work for government, that is a sad day for free speech,” he told WND.

In a letter to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, PJI Senior Staff Attorney Matthew B. McReynolds explained the city’s new “Visual and Correspondence Style Guidelines” held a number of novel demands for city employees. Including the banishment of “a number of words and phrases widely accepted in the English language.” “Many Americans, including city employees, will no doubt be surprised to learn that the city considers them biased for merely mentioning ordinary words and phrases like ‘the common man,’ ‘mankind,’ ‘manmade’ and ‘man up,’ to name a few of the manual’s parade of horribles,” McReynolds wrote. READ MORE