(Lou Engle) To African-American pastors and leaders, I humbly submit this letter for your gracious consideration. Over the last six months I have been greatly provoked by the loving challenges of my brother, Fred Berry, with whom I previously had a falling out. This happened in 2008 when I sent a letter to 50 African-American pastors and leaders challenging their support for now President Obama in light of his stance on abortion. In my fervor, I spoke in a manner that I now realize was both insensitive and proud.

For 20-plus years, I have felt burdened to both intercede for revival and pray for the turning of America back to God. Together, Jesus called His church the salt and light of the earth, so overturning abortion has been a clear focus of my prayers. I still seek this because I do not see abortion as primarily a political issue dividing Democrats and Republicans, but a moral issue which the righteous must undertake. However, in my passion for the cause, I believe my zeal overshot my wisdom. I missed the heart of love. READ MORE