Earlier this year, Ted Cruz’s father and primary presidential campaign surrogate, Rafael, spoke at Pastor Kenneth Copeland’s church in Texas, where Copeland declared that Ted Cruz has been anointed by God to be the next president.  Copeland introduced Cruz’s father by asserting that “I believe, with all my heart, that his son is called and anointed to be the next president of the United States.”.

After Cruz delivered his speech urging Christians to vote in order to turn the Nation back to God, Copeland asked him to recount how the Holy Spirit had descended upon a Cruz family prayer session and convinced Ted to seek the presidency, which Rafael took as a sign that “God has raised him up for such a time as this.”   After his speech, several church elders gathered around Cruz and laid hands upon him and prayed while Eagle Mountain International Church senior pastor George Pearsons proclaimed that “we are in the midst right now of the new birth of this nation.” FULL REPORT