The editorial staff of The Jewish Voice predicts that Barack Obama will lead the United Nations after he finishes his current term as president of the United States. “We bet our bottom dollar Barack Obama will get his next paycheck (from the U.N.) when he retires from his present job in 2017,” the editorial states. “He’ll assume the residence at Sutton Place, as its next Secretary General with all the perks he and his family are accustomed to, but this time at the expense of the world community.”

The editorial notes that most Americans probably cannot name the current secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon of South Korea. And few know that Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian with former involvement with the Nazis in WWII, headed the U.N. from 1972 until 1981. “During his terms in office Israel was condemned and tarnished by the UN for its ‘brutal persecution’ of the Palestinians. And that continues to this date,” the editorial notes. The editorial charges that there have been “ few positive contributions to society of which this organization can boast. Their ‘troops’ in Africa have been abusing and raping those to whom they are sent to protect.” FULL REPORT